The biggest collection of Ferguson tractors in the world, being open to the public.

In the collection you will find a Ferguson of each year from 1939 and up to the middle of the seventies. Plus a Ford T from 1919, as it all started with.

In 1917 Harry Ferguson put a plough after his Ford T, as he had no tractor. The Ford T was so common, that it also was called "poor man´s tractor".

There are many special models. Vineyards and plantation tractors, industrial tractors, French models, military models and more.

But Harry Ferguson was not only into farming. The first motorized vehicle at the South Pole was a grey Ferguson. Denmark´s Ferguson Museum has a copy of this tractor, as Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand drove to the South Pole in 1958. A great technical triumph. Hillary said, that the expedition had failed without these hardy Ferguson tractors. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb the Mount Everest.

There is also other vehicles, such as a Russian copy of a BMW motorcycle, a Ferguson bus, bicycles, mopeds, steamrollers, diesel road rollers and other vintage cars.




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