The museum and how it started

I have always been interested in farming and in tractors in particular. Therefore I built this museum on my native farm: Ankerslund. 

The museum opened to the public in 2002 and is today the largest collection of Ferguson tractors and implements worldwide.

The museum is 100 % privately owned and receives no state subsidy.

In the halls of exhibition we show the collection from about 1919 and up to our time together with other farming machinery, implements and other vehicles.

Together with the Thursday club I have restored most of the tractors, and they are presented with data and story. However so far, only in Danish.

The little grey Ferguson retired the workhorses and was really a boost in the mechanizing of the agriculture after the second world war. This meant more hands to the industry, and the little grey is therefore a pillar of the wealth we can enjoy today.


An ignored cultural heritage..

The little grey Ferguson is an ignored cultural heritage, because with the great number of Fergusons that came to Denmark, there is more than 1 million now living Danes, that have some or other relation to the little grey Ferguson.

It is of great pleasure to me, to run my museum, as I every day meet many positive and interested people. Past and present is meeting here on my farm. It gives me incentive and quality of life.

I am looking forward to welcome you.

Founder, owner and manager Henrik Nielsen



Henrik Nielsen