Welcome to Denmark´s Ferguson Museum

The world´s largest collection of Ferguson tractors and implements.

- where you will meet the atmosphere of the time when the little grey Ferguson was doing the farm work.

Here at my native farm there is cattle in the stable, nature, peace and freedom. 

Enjoy your picnic under the trees, or in the old half-timbered barn.

There is always an ongoing project with tractors or another kind of motor in the workshop.

Meet us somewhere on the farm.

Henrik Nielsen

We wish you may experience a bit of what is our daily life.

A mixture of modern farming and the work with the old tractors, meeting many interested people every day, parties in the old barn, maintainance and so on. We value our daily life.

The museum is open ALL days!


Ferguson Days 2024 is as every year, the last weekend of May.

Ferguson Dage 2024


A unique place for a different experience - regardless of age.

Graa Ferguson 70 Aars Jubilaeum 

The museum
Udstillingen Med Traktorer

You will find a unique collection of Ferguson tractors and implements from 1919 and till today. There is more than 250 tractors and other vehicles. Read more.

You may walk around and see the collection on your own, or you may order a guided tour in advance. Read more.

You are free to go everywhere on the farm, look in the buildings of the exhibition, in the cattle shed, in the workshop, and in the old half-timbered barn.

Enjoy gaining an insight into a forgotten cultural heritage. Read more.

Ferguson Days
Ferguson Dage 2023 Sk

Ferguson Days

Ferguson Days is an event for the whole family. 

It is always the last full weeknd of May. We take the tractors and implements out and work with them in the field.

There is café, music, steamengines, tours and more

Spare parts
Agriparts S

Spare parts for vintage tractors - contact AgriParts.

Check their homepage: AgriParts.dk


They are also on Facebook:

AgriParts Facebook