The nerve of the support association is the Thursday Club.

There will be 15 to 20 people every Thursday evening and screws on old tractors.
It takes place in the museum's workshop. And here are the rules:
Anyone who pay membership fees are welcome. It is not a closed group.
You greet everyone with hand when arriving, even if it is the neighbour you saw earlier the same day. Taking off your hat, and hands out of your pocket! It is important for the respect for the individual, as here comes the people of high and low. Therefore you must not talk about slurry and money, but you would like to talk about motors and womenfolk!
There is no alcohol on the farm.
There is just one in charge and that is Henrik.
The Thursday Club´s proverb is:
"If Christmas Eve happens to be a Thursday, we finish early, and the week after, we just need to be home before midnight! "

Torsdags Klubben I Arbejde Paa Vaerkstedet

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