Regulations of Denmark's Ferguson Museum's Friends

§ 1st
The name of the support association is Denmark´s Ferguson Museum´s Friends. Registered at Ankerslund, Koebmagervej 1 Stourup, 7130 Juelsminde, Denmark.
Its aim is:
Bringing together the circle of persons with an interest in Ferguson tractor and its history.
To support Denmark's Ferguson Museum financially and administratively.
Working on obtaining funding for Denmark Ferguson Museum through profits from the quota and from private donors.
To work for the collection of effects to Denmark's Ferguson Museum and other that the Board of Directors promotes and supports the above.
§ 2nd
Anyone can be included in the association. Membership gives free access to Denmark's Ferguson Museum. It organizes various member activities.
§ 3rd
The General Assembly is the highest authority.
The annual general meeting is held each year in March. The General Assembly is held at Koebmagervej 1 Stourup, 7130 Juelsminde.
Notification will be made by publication on the website no later than 14 days prior to general meeting and shall contain at least the following agenda:
Election of conductor
Chairman's Report
Presentation of the year's accounts for approval
Resolution on application of profits or covering of loss according to the approved accounts
Determination of next year's quota.
Election of new board members
Selecting alternate
Appointment of auditor
Proposals to be considered at the general meeting must be received by the Board no later than 8 days before the meeting.
§ 4th
Each member has one vote, which may be exercised in person.
All decisions are taken by simple majority. At alteration of Regulations of Association is required, however, that 2/3 of the votes cast are in favor. A ballot shall take place if a member so desire.
Dissolution of the Association can only take place at an extraordinary general meeting with this single item on the agenda. At least half of the members must vote for the resolution. If there is not an appearance of at least half of its members, convened with at least eight days' notice to the new general meeting to be held within 14 days after the first meeting. For the dissolution of the association requires at the second general meeting, at least three quarters of the attendees vote in favor.
Extraordinary General Meeting is held, if the Board deems it necessary or if the claim is made by at least 25% of the number of members at the request.
Convening an Extraordinary General Meeting will follow the applicable provisions of the Annual General Meeting, see front.
If Extraordinary General Meeting is required by the association's members, convening must be made within one month from receipt of the claim.
§ 5th
Possibly fixed deposits and annual membership fees is fixed by the General Assembly. Denmark's Ferguson Museum´s Friends is only liable for its obligations with the union at any time related assets. There rests no personal liability to the Association or Board.
§ 6th
The Association is represented by the entire Board, or a Chairman /Treasurer in association with a member of the Board.
§ 7th
The financial year follows the calendar. Each year in January is financial statements prepared and signed by the Treasurer, Board of Directors and Auditor.
§ 8th
The Association's Board of Directors consists of five members elected by the Annual General Meeting. Elected for two years at a time, so that each year depart respectively. 2 and 3 members. The Board elects its Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
By the constitution the Board appoints members + 1 alternate to the Board. These can be chosen from outside the Association's Board. Election shall be by simple majority.
§ 9th
The Board shall adopt its rules of procedure. 
The board has a quorum when at least three of its members are present - including the Chairman or Vice Chairman.
Board meetings are held as often as the Chairperson considers appropriate. Board meetings shall be made by the Chairman with at least eight days and no more than 14 days notice.
Two members of the Board may require the Board meeting held for the treatment of a particular topic. There will be at least four Board meetings a year. 
Board decisions shall be by simple majority vote.
Resolutions of the Board is taken to the protocol, which also minority may demand its motivated attitudes. The protocol is signed by the chairperson / conductor. Decisions at General Meetings are also taken to the protocol and signed by the conductor.
§ 10th
In the event of dissolution of the association, its assets is transferred to Denmark's Ferguson Museum.
Thus adopted at the founding General Meeting on 21 March 2005.
Amended at Annual General Meeting on 9. March 2008.

General Assembly in Denmark´s Ferguson Museum´s Friends


General meeting 2019 is held in good order.
The Board consists of the following: Henrik Jensen, John Soerensen, Jens Jørn Therkelsen, Henrik Smidstrup, Erling Andersen.
General Assembly is held every year on the second Thursday in March.